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    Ronke Shonde and her brain injury story 

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    Politicians do not care about the masses 

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    Are we really ready and politically sincere to do it? …. To do what? … A question timely and well directed to great African nation.
      Answer : To build this race called Africa into GREATNESS ( in reality, not political deception).
        To transform and harness our naturally endowed human and natural resources into GREATNESS.
        To reassure the youths that the HOPE for the FUTURE is NOT Slim.
       To reassure ALL African citizens that governance “here” is NOT built on SELFISHNESS, FRAUD, SELF-CENTEREDNESS and high level of CORRUPTION  which political ineptitude will inexcusably drain the youths of their intellect and hope on the platform of elevated growth.
    It is high time we told ourselves the ample truth! All it takes is political sincerity and not political deception which is being practiced.
          Who in Africa, can raise up his or her head in shame to tell me that we cannot do it, even better, if not for our so called political deception? Who is deceiving who? What actually is our problem if not a well organized, deep rooted and well planned, groomed and nurtured  SELFISHNESS, SELF-CENTEREDNESS, CORRUPTION, FRAUD, NEGLIGENCE and back-pedalled political policies?
    In our today’s political history, it can be deduced, that today’s politics is one designed on fraud NOT necessarily on development. And it pains to know that the plans are DELIBERATE and  pr-DESIGNED.
       In Nigeria in particular, and Africa in general, I beg for reform. This reform should be geared towards politics of development , truth, selflessness and keen interest on service to humanity established on the throne of human right!
    The solution is not far fetched in Nigeria even as I try to be as concise as possible.
    My “suggested” solutions  are taken from three angles:
    1. The law should not target only the poor masses. Anyone found wanting in  fraud and corruption, after trial, should face a 40 year jail term without any option of fine.
    2. NYSC programme is meaningless and presently an endless pit for fraud. But it can be redesigned to propel Nigeria into a world class development.
    It is foolishness and stupidity to assign a social studies subject to a young Engineer to teach in a lower secondary school class just in the name of serving a fatherland. Arrant nonsense! It is rubbish to ask a young economist who is fit to be a lecturer to serve in a nursery school since there is no other space for him or her.
                      HOW TO REDESIGN AND REPACKAGE IT
    There should be some well planned, practical industrial skills financed by the two major arms of government. These skills should be productive in nature and designed to suit university curriculum. Each Youth Corpse member should be able to chose one skill out of the selected number. Government should be able, if she can’t provide employment, finance and monitor the take off of these well acquired skills into a small and medium scale industries which growth MUST be able to employ at least 3 persons in 5years and the loan payable in 10yrs.
    It takes just but a political REALITY (NOT a political deception) to achieve this objective .  If 30,000 youths are established through this means with good monitoring and control, and 25,000 of them thrive in a set, and employ at least 3 persons each, what would be our industrial look in the next 20yrs? It takes but political REALITY to achieve this!
        Are we really ready and sincere to make a “POSITIVE CHANGE?” It takes only but a political sincerity to archive this! Only one person’s recovered “stollen” money in Nigeria can help us achieve a smooth take off on this perspective.
      On the side of Agriculture, I would call on our leaders first to show example. Former president Olusegun Obasanjo did it and one can tell a good number he had gainfully employed through that means. All our leaders (all senators and house of Representatives) should be mandated to own a productive farm and pay tax to government. They have the edge to mechanized the farm, which the youths have not. They should stop calling on the youths but should rather call on themselves, first. All it takes is just but political SINCERITY and NOT of deception. 

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    MMM pays 

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    Fuel crisis in Calabar, cross River State, Nigeria on this day 10th March 2016. Change!

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    The word impossibility affects our psych negatively and retards our actions, success, breakthroughs, efforts,  and even drags our faith in the negative. It sets doubts and fear in our hearts, …


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    In the first instance, the primary objective of every business is profit maximization. Prior to your business establishment, you MUST have been forecasting your business expansion – the reason you re-invest the proceeds made from your business (customers). This simply implies that your business cannot stand without your customer(s). Hence, your business is your customer(s).
       Having NO customer is as good as having NO business. Your customer(s) is the life wire of your business, hence the reason we talk of market share of a product. Your business growth and profitability depends largely on your customer(s), hence the need to handle them with care. Customer relationship management is an aspect of business management that is a  sine qua non for good customer retention and business growth.
           The followings will help you manage and retain your customers for healthy business growth:

    • Welcome your customer(s) warmly
    • Make your customer your friend
    • Tell them the truth they need of any product and when they need it
    • Update them with all necessary knowledge as regards any product
    • Cheer them up at all times ( you can nickname them)
    • Convince them beyond every reasonable doubt in your stand concerning any business matter
    • Admit your mistakes and tender effective apology as is necessary
    • Advice them on the best use of the product(s)
    • Make them develop unabated trust on you
    • Avoid all forms of cheating on your customer(s)
    • Adopt the best known business relationship ethics
    • Give out effective bonuses to your customers to pin them down in your business
    • Get your customers’ view of your products, analyse them and make all positive and effective improvements
    • Invite your customer(s) to a dinner
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    Market share is the percentage of an industry or market’s total sales that is earned by a particular company over a defined period. The market share of any company therefore determines the company’s sales and profitability in the business. One important fact which every business outfit should bear in mind is competition. Before any product, a competing brand already exists which of course can serve as a substitute to the later or former as the case may be. It therefore becomes pertinent to keep an array of customers in order for a business to stay on top.
           Market share therefore signifies the percentage of customers who patronise a company’s product amidst other products’ substitutes. The total number of active customers who patronise a company’s products, however, determines a company’s market share of the product and consequently, the profit of the company’s business. Hence, the need to grow strong customer base. The total number of a company’s active customers today, determines the state its business tomorrow. Your customer, therefore, is your business. The more active customers a company’s product has, the more returns it brings to the company.
          The top priority of every business is profit maximization. This profit is determined by a company’s market share of the products. Active or credit worthy customers determines market share of every company’s product(s). The more active customers a company has of a product, the more profit ( partly) the company makes. This of course determines the company’s stay in the business. This therefore calls for the need to widen the scope of market share of product(s).

    • Using efficient and effective advertisement method(s) like public media advertising, social media advertising, to introduce the products to targeted customers.
    • Effective introduction of the products to grass root level.
    • Effectively researching and explaining new uses of the products to customers.
    • Obtaining adequate centralised warehouse for easy distribution of products to customers.
    • Introduction of wide varieties of standardized and acceptable product differentiation to encompass all income classes.
    • Adopting a well improved distribution channels and methods.
    • Allowing marketers/sales agents to include their own effective method(s) of increasing market share of the products ( such as motivational/gift items, e.t.c) in addition to that designed by the company .
    • Adopting the most effective means of reducing production and operational costs in order to reduce product cost.
    • Incorporating as many effective and efficient distributors as possible so as to reach customers with ease.
    • Using the most effective and efficient method of data collection to determine how customers feel about company’s products and proffer solutions on areas of improvements .
    • Adding new and improved features on the products.
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    The word impossibility affects our psych negatively and retards our actions, success, breakthroughs, efforts,  and even drags our faith in the negative. It sets doubts and fear in our hearts, hence making our reasonings poorly structured. What differentiates us human are the wisdom in our thoughts and the action(s) that follow. A well organized thought, structured in the best wisdom, without effective action,  is like the reasoning of a farmer who after clearing a pieces of land for farming, could not cultivate the land for planting. A well organised thought in the best wisdom and reasoning must be executed in the most effective action, otherwise it becomes an aborted idea. This attitude of course brings failure in all our endeavours. When our hearts and mind continue to regurgitate on the word “impossibility”, the following sets in:
    Weakening faith
    And above all, poverty. Nothing, I mean, nothing is impossible… Therefore the word “impossibility” is non existent. What actually differentiates us human are the wisdom in our reasonings and effective action that follow such reasonings. A fruitless reasoning it is that has no quantifiable effective action.

    Action”, they say, “speaks louder than words”.

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